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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Pork, Chicken, Duck

Growing up in Toronto, there were always lots of Chinese BBQ options. Chinatown is known for the ducks hanging in the windows, awaiting hungry diners' orders. So we thought we'd had good - maybe even great - Chinese BBQ before...

And then we found HK BBQ Master, and our world changed! Thank goodness for the internet, because we would never have found this place without it. It's located along the side of a giant Real Canadian Superstore and is not at all visible from the main street that runs perpendicular to the Superstore. But walk along the north side wall of the grocery store and you'll see HK BBQ's door; though you're far more likely to notice the often long line of people waiting patiently to get through that door to get their delicious food.

This is a busy spot with people wanting either take-out or a table lined up out the door during peak hours. HK BBQ's success is clearly - and of necessity - built on the quick turn-over of sit-down tables. This was made evident by the cheque showing up only a few bites into our meal. But, to be clear, at no time did we feel rushed or treated rudely while we ate. It was just obvious that this was an understood rhythm for folks who sat at the tables.

The menu is simple, offering three kinds of meat - pork, chicken, and duck. We had ordered the pork and chicken combo platter, but clearly the waitress felt we were making a mistake and brought us a plate with all three. All of the meats were outrageously tender and juicy; the chicken, in particular, blew our minds. We had made an excellent decision in choosing to share one plate between the two of us. The meats are fatty and rich, the portions are generous, and the meats are served up with loads of rice.

If you find yourself in Richmond, B.C., and if you're a fan of Chinese BBQ - or want to try it for the first time - we highly recommend a visit to HK BBQ Master. It's quite simply one of the best Chinese BBQs in Canada; we will be back whenever we find ourselves in the Vancouver area.

Address: 4651 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC


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