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Tandoori Chicken for the Ages

We love it when extraordinary food finds pop up in unlikely places. You might fairly assume that the best one would have to seek out this off-the-charts delicious Afghan-style tandoori chicken platter in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.

Tandoori Chicken with Rice to Die For!

But this beauty can be found (and trust us, you really, really want to find this) in Saskatoon SK at a small, unassuming restaurant called Afghan Donair and Kebab (located in an unassuming shop on 22nd Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues downtown). Seriously folks, this is unquestionably the best tandoori chicken we’ve ever had. Prepared in a traditional Afghan tandoor, the chicken is marinated in a tantalizing blend of spices then cooked to crispy, tender and juicy perfection - every, single time! Served with an enormous bed of perfectly cooked, lightly scented Afghan long grain rice sweetened with plump raisins and this platter is a ginormous meal for one big eater, and two meals for people with less prodigious appetites. Pro tip: order a pot of strong, black Afghan tea with your platter and settle in for one of the best meals you’ll find in Saskatoon.

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