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Where To Play In Canmore

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Here's a short quick list of fun things to do in the Canmore area:

Go swimming in Quary Lake Park:

"Reclaimed from an old mining area, Quarry Lake is one of Canmore’s favourite outdoor recreational areas. The lake is over 100 metres deep in some areas and fed by an underground mountain spring making it suitable for swimming only in July and August."


Visit Johnston Canyon: "Carved steeply into the limestone bedrock by thousands of years of water erosion, it is a place of dramatic natural beauty accessible to most. During spring, summer, and fall, take a walk up the canyon to view the Lower and Upper Falls. Along the way there are many viewpoints from which you can look over the canyon and down to the deep blue creek below."

Johnston Canyon
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Challenge yourself on the Via Ferrata

"Italian for “iron road”, Via Ferrata is an assisted climbing experience along four breathtaking routes on the cliffs above Mt Norquay. Climb ladders, cross suspension bridges, and marvel at the grandeur of the mountain vistas that surround you. The views are wild, but you’re safe and secure throughout your journey."


"Rat’s Nest Cave is a wild, undeveloped cave under Grotto Mountain. In the Adventure Tour: rappel 18m (that’s 6 Stories!) inside the cave, plus have the opportunity to push your limits in the warm-up squeeze, challenge squeeze, and the Laundry Chute – a section of the cave that adds a little extra challenge. The Solitude Tour: Solitude means you have the entire cave to yourself. Just you, your guide and the cave. This gives us the ability to create a fully customized experience that is limited only by your imagination." There are also a number of other great options!

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"Ride the Standish Chairlift to over 2,400m (8,000 ft) — the highest lift-accessed sightseeing elevation. From there, catch even more breathtaking scenery from the Standish Viewing Deck and take in the vistas of three pristine alpine lakes; Laryx, Grizzly, and Rock Isle. The meadows are surrounded by some of the Rockies’ highest peaks, and the unobstructed views are beyond compare. The brilliance of the summer flowers, clear blue lakes, and autumn larches guarantees spectacular scenery on every visit."

There are 6 trails to explore. Take a peak at a simple map here.

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