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Turkey Dinner Skillet

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Thanksgiving is a challenge for singles and small gatherings. Not everyone has enough mouths around their table to demolish an entire turkey, or even put a good dent in it. This recipe from Better Homes And Gardens is perfect for a small Thanksgiving dinner. All you need to do is cook up one turkey breast! Broccoli, onion, and celery are sautéed in butter, with sage for that familiar and cozy taste. Throw in some dried bread (we made baguette croutons) and mix them in with the broth. Toss it all together, and let it simmer - then top with dried cranberries before serving.


Alternative: We went the extra step of making a 1/4 cup of gravy using reduced chicken stock and mixing that in too... because we're gluttonous. For added good news, this dish reheats beautifully in the oven! Low Calorie Not only is this great for a small Thanksgiving celebration, but it's also low calorie! That is if you don't smother it in gravy the way we do.





• butter

• broccoli

• onion


• fresh parsley

• fresh or dried sage

• black pepper

• reduced-sodium turkey or chicken broth

• ciabatta or baguette-style French bread, cubed and dried

• boneless turkey breast tenderloin

• dried cranberries


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