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The Bunnies of Canmore

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

During a visit to Canmore you are guaranteed to see many, many cute, fluffy bunnies. Not a word of exaggeration, if you don't see at least 20 within a single day along the Bow Valley Trail you're either not out and about or you're just not paying attention. We suspect that no one needs to mow their lawns, just let the hungry, fecund little creatures take care of it. In fact, there are so many that culling controversies occasionally pop-up in the public sphere.

The George Town Inn shares a local legend about where the bunnies come from:

The Miner and the Rabbits With the building boom in Canmore in the late 20th century and the closing of the local mines, the town was in flux. New residents in multi-million dollar homes backed onto humble miner homesteads built in the early 1900's. According to town legend, one new resident complained about a local miner who had a rabbit farm in his backyard and an argument ensued. Finally, so disgusted with the whole thing, the miner let all his rabbits go. Rather than becoming coyote snacks, they survived and today are Canmore's most famous residents. #canmore #alberta #travel #bunnies

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