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R&H Chinese Cuisine

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

During all our research online about the best spots for Chinese Dumpings in Richmond B.C., the occasional reference was made to R&H Chinese Food, located in a mall food court. Generally we avoid food courts like the plague (making an exception with small towns, because sometimes they surprise you). Our curiosity peaked, we made our way to Lansdowne Centre, and sure enough here was a small crowd of people patiently waiting for their dumpling orders.

To the dumpling obsessed, the Xiao Long Bao dumpling is a thing of magic. Time consuming to make and difficult to execute well, a place that does it right immediately wins a loyal following. These little dough pouches are filled with delicious soup that explode with flavour when you bite down. There's a lot of controversy about how to eat one properly, but on thing everyone agrees they they are meant to be picked up by the tip so as not to tear the dough. From there things start to differ. Some wait for the dumplings to cool a little then start popping them in their mouth. Others place it in a spoon holding a little black vinegar. If you like your Xiao Long Bao piping hot, placing it in your spoon and making a small tear releases the steam, making it much safer to eat. Some place the dumpling in the spoon and tear it open, letting the soup fill the spoon.

R&H did not disappoint. The skin was soft and chewy, thick enough to make the dumplings easy to pick up, but not so much that the rich broth was overwhelmed. What a lovely and unexpected find this was for two people who generally do their best to avoid mall food courts at all costs!  

Address: 5300 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC


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