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Food Fairy Run

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Every month we drive our butts down to Regina to bring some tasty treats to 10 Saskatoon homes! Our focus is to shop at independent shops that are unique to Regina. That way we spread out our support for local entrepreneurs beyond Saskatoon. It's also our way of bringing our foodie community a little special joy.

How it works: • Those who have requested to be added to the list will be notified of our next food run date and the cut off time for submitting orders. The first 10 people to get back to us will get their wishes granted! You'll be able to choose items from multiple locations.

Why only 10, you may ask? Well, in part because we only have a small car, and with storing food properly in coolers and such there is only so much room. It's also because we deliver these bundles of joy ourselves, and after a five hour round trip we've only got enough time (and energy) to deliver to 10 Saskatoon households.

• If you are one of the households we will be delivering to, we will ask for your address and phone number in advance so we can complete our deliveries as efficiently as possible.

• We practice contact-less drop off. We'll deliver the goodies from your wish list right to your door the day we pick things up, and leave them outside for you to pick-up. Deliveries usually occur later in the afternoon (beginning after 6:00 p.m.). We will send you a text to let you know when we're on our way to your house, and another text when your package is waiting for you.

• Your delivery will come with e-transfer payment instructions. Please send the e-transfer the same day as delivery. We do not charge anything over and above the cost of goodies, but in the past some kind folks have chosen to add a wee bit on top of the cost of goods to help with fuel costs. That kindness is not expected, but we certainly won't turn down a more generous donation. ;)

If you'd like to have a chance to be part of our next Food Fairy Run, please email us:


Wednesday June 10th Food Fairy Run:

Italian Star Deli, Beaks Chicken and Siam Restaurant 

It's that time! We're donning our Food Fairy wings to head down to Regina to bring some tasty treats to ten Saskatoon homes!  A note about our partners. We've added a new restaurant partner to our run this month. Siam Restaurant is arguably one of the best Thai restaurants in Canada and has long been one of our all-time favourites here in Saskatchewan. Note: they are one of only a handful of Thai restaurants in Canada to be awarded the Thai Select designation by the Ministry of Commerce, Thailand. The food is authentic and delicious, and travels beautifully. Check out their Instagram feed for inspiration, as well as the link to their menu below to place an order with us. If people are still interested in Saskatchewan Snow Beef please feel free to place an order directly with Local & Fresh Market (we've retained the link below). You can pay them directly and if you want us to pick your order up for you when we're their let us know; we're happy to bring it to Saskatoon for you (if you've not had Wagyu beef this is a great opportunity for your to treat yourself. You'll be glad you did!)

Current Food Joy Providers:

Beaks Chicken:

This is some of the best fried chicken we've ever had. And their yeast donuts are to DIE FOR. We are positively addicted. They always have their honey dipped donut on offer, and every week there is one specialty donut on the menu.

Full Menu:

Check for the speciality Donut:


Siam Restaurant:

If you love Thai food you owe it to yourself to order some of Canada's most delicious - and authentic - Thai cuisine from this Regina gem. They are one of only a handful of Canadian restaurants to be awarded the presigious "Thai Select" designation from the Government of Thailand Ministry of Commerce. You can check out their online menu here.

We've been fortunate to travel to Thailand several times and can vouch for the extremely high quality and authenticity of Siam's menu. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, for the most part Thai food travels and reheats well, so getting delivery all the way from Regina isn't a problem.

Second, this is truly authentic Thai cuisine. While not all the food at Siam is spicy, and they have a "how spicy do you want it" range for almost all their dishes, when they say spicy, they mean spicy! That doesn't mean you should be afraid to order spicy food from there; if you love spicy (like we do) order away. But please do respect the level of heat they impart into their dishes.

Third, a lot of people ask us what some of our favourites are. Picking these from Siam is like picking your favourite food, or movie, or . . . (you get the drift). To be honest, we've never had a bad meal or dish there, so be adventurous and try something new. But if you want some guidance, here is a list of some of our recommendations:

N03 Sabai Koong

NO4 Drunken Noodle (*we've not had their's but it's a favourite when we're in Thailand)

A02 Golden Purses

A03 Hat-Yai Chicken Wings

A11 Leaf Wrapped (*Seriously delicious and unique; you almost never see these outside of Thailand. The only challenge is that we just don't know how it will travel. We're going to order it this time and find out).

A14 Hot Shot (*be ready - it's smoking hot)

B02 Panaeng Beef

B03 Kra Pao Beef

C03 Panaeng Chicken

C04 Kra Pao Chicken

C09 Lemongrass Chicken

C10 Num Tok Gai Tod

P08 Ginger Pork

P09 Pad Prik Kang Pork

P12 Num Tok Grilled Pork

P13 Larb Moo

H07 Pla Rad Prik

H12 Pla Koong

S01 Tom Yum Shrimp

S03 Tom Kha Chicken

S04 Jungle Curry Pork

G10 Yum Pak Tod Koong (*pretty darn sure that this one will not travel well; but it's killer fresh from the kitchen)

R02 Pad See Eiew

R08 Tom Yum Fried Rice (this is an "every time" dish for us)

But honestly, don't hesitate to try other things. We've never (and we mean never) had a bad dish there. You can check them out on Instagram to see some of their delicious food and help you decide what to order.


Italian Star Star:

For a list of the Italian Star Product Inventory Please Visit:

Important Note: As a small independent grocer specializing in import products and local artisanal goods, they can't always guarantee items on your wish list will be in stock upon our pickup date. The lovely people at Italian Star will do their best to substitute quality products where they can if options are available. (*Note: these folks know their stuff, and take a lot of pride in their quality; you can trust them to make good choices for you - we certainly do and have never been disappointed.)

While the above link provides lots of product shots for you, we have been collecting more detailed photos of products and will add to this list.

These sandwiches are famous and a whole one weighs about a pound. They freeze well.

Bread Sticks Imported From Italy: $2.65 - $5.00

Individual Serving Meat Pies: $8.00. We can't promise know what kinds will be in stock when we arrive. Some options are: Beef & Vegetable, Curry Chicken, Lamb, Peas & Mint

Family Sized Meat Pies $26. We can't guarantee what flavours will be in stock on our pickup. Some choices include: Chicken Curry; Steak Guinness and Mushroom; Chicken, Walnut, Leek and Bacon

Pizza Sauce With EVOO, Garlic & Oregano. $1.95.

Fresh Creste Di Gallo Pasta. About $6.50.
Spanakopita. $25. 12 portions.
Sicilian Cannoli with Pistachios. About $7
Traditional Sicilian Tiramisu: About $30.

Rajah Curry Powder $4.95. Medium or Hot.


Local and Fresh:

We're excited to add Local and Fresh to our Food Fairy family. These folks are a retailer for Saskatchewan Snow Beef, Saskatchewan bred, born and raised Wagyu Beef (check them out on FaceBook and Instagram)

You can check their selection out on their website

Be sure to order early as this outstanding product sells out quickly.

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