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Dreamy Mocha Cream

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

We had been hiking the Canmore region and discovered this teashop in the town of Canmore during a rest day. We walked away with a lot of tea that day, but the Dreamy Mocha Cream was our favourite discovery.

There are times when after a meal, all we want to do is sip a coffee. Especially when enjoying a dessert. Unfortunately, that evening coffee always disrupts our sleep. And we just can't bring ourselves to buy decaffeinated coffee.

This rooibos tea has been the perfect solution! There are only a whole few coffee beans mixed into the whole bag, so the oils and aroma really penetrate the rooibos, while providing each cup with less caffeine than a cup of green tea. For a little added depth there are some brittle pieces and hazelnut mixed in. There's also a wee bit of sugar mixed in, to make the tea smooth on the palate without any obvious sweetness.

Address: 108 737 Ave, Canmore, Alberta


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