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Braised Cabbage and Turkey Sandwich

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

For us, this is the ultimate leftover sandwich. It uses leftover turkey (or chicken) and leftover braised cabbage. In this particular instance, we also managed to use up some bacon bits sitting in our meat keeper. Both the cabbage and turkey pair beautifully with goat cheese, making the flavours in this sammie dance!

Braised Cabbage and Turkey Sandwich


The most important part of a sandwich is the bread. You want to get a good quality crusty sandwich bun from a bakery. When we're in Regina, we drop by the Italian Star Deli and pick up a bunch of theirs, then vacuum pack them and toss them in the freezer.



2 sandwich buns

180g of roasted turkey (or chicken)

1/2 cup port-cranberry braised cabbage (see recipe)

2 tbsp bacon bits or 1 strip fried bacon (optional)

Goat Cheese (Chèvre)


Makes 2 sandwiches.



1. Cut buns open and toast them. At the same time, gently reheat braised cabbage in the microwave.

2. Butter the buns. Smear goat cheese on the bottom half. Place bacon on top of the cheese. Layer on roasted turkey (or chicken), top with braised cabbage. Place the top half of the bun.




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