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Amita Thai Cooking Classes, Bangkok

Meat and Potatoes:

Price: 3,000 Baht per person. At the time this was $131 CA.

Getting there: They pick you up in a van from your hotel, then take you to a water taxi, which transports you to the location. But expect a pickup time of about 8:00am - 8.30am.

Book ahead: We booked weeks in advance. They start early in the morning, and you won't know your pick-up time until they have their class booked up and know which route makes the most sense. They only accept 10 students at a time. You might be able to book a day in advance, but it's best to book as early as possible.

Language: The class is taught in English.

Times: The class started at 9:30am and runs until 1pm. Eat breakfast before heading out!

Allergies and Presences: This is another good reason to book ahead. Give them a call in advance, and with enough time, they can make necessary substitutions for your experience.

Menus: There are three different menus taught on different days. You can check them out on this link.

Sample Schedule for a Typical Day

Private Cooking Classes Are Available.

During our trip to Thailand, we befriended a lovely lady who went by the name "April." Perhaps she was worried we couldn't pronounce her Thai name.

April highly recommended this the Amita Thai Cooking Class. The reviews on Trip Advisor were outrageously good, and continue to be, so we gave it a go.

Tam teaching a class. Photo by Trip Advisor user Billy Leung-Jok.

A van picked us up at our hotel and stopped at a few other spots to gather up other students that would be joining us that day. Then we enjoyed a quick drive though the old neighbourhoods of Bankok to Maharaj Pier where we boarded a speed boat. This part of the trip to the facility was itself is a lovely experience. It's a trip down waterways we would not have found ourselves visiting otherwise. The property is essentially a family compound located on the Chao Phraya River, with many generations living together on one plot of land, itself dating back 3 generations. Teaching runs in the family, as Tam's older relatives used this space to run the “Home Science Secondary School”. Tam decided to pursue her love of the culinary arts, and now various family members help run the cooking classes. One of the most charming parts of the visit was a tour of their herb garden where everything is freshly handpicked for the cooking class. We were beyond delighted to see green peppercorns still growing on the plant, and having a chance to pop a few in our mouths for their pop and burst of flavour! Amongst other things, they also grew holy basil and kaffir lime.

The class was a completely hands-on experience. First, we got to watch our bubbly instructor, Ms. Tam Piyawadi Jantrupon, prepare the dishes we would be making, enjoyed a sampling of each. Then we got to cooking ourselves. During this portion of the class, you learn about suitable substitutes for ingredients you might not find at home. We enjoyed the use of natural ingredients such as flower petals and turmeric as healthy food colouring options. We cut vegetables and ground spices on our own, in the lovely open-air classroom, while the family checked our progress and provided helpful tips and assistance where needed. They always teach four classic Thai dishes. When everyone's done cooking, the meal is enjoyed as a group on a verandah overlooking the canal. The table was wonderfully shaded by mango, starfruit, and rose apple trees. They provided but repellant, but it might not be a bad idea to bring along your favourite brand.

Before departing you are given recipe cards for what you cook are provided to you at the end, so you can go home and impress friends, while vividly bringing back memories of Thailands beauty. Then the water taxi takes everyone to a dropoff point, at which you're got a whole day to enjoy. They will drop you off at your hotel or a shopping centre if that is you're preferred choice.

The map on their brochure:


Official Website:



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