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Instagram Story For A Multi-Course Meal

We'll take our viewers on a journey through a feast featuring the offerings of your restaurant, sparking the appetites of our audience.


What's included

We'll feature up to 6 courses
Includes individual story panel designs
 Includes photography and photo editing
We'll send you a copy of all the final photos for your future use as you see fit.

What will your story be composed of?
• An introductory panel about your restaurant
• A panel featuring each dish
• A summary of business hours and ordering options
Undivided Attention:
Our story feed will feature only your story and no other content for 24 hours.

Save With Packaged Deals:


As part of a monthly promotional package

An example of an actual sponsored story:

Our Statistics

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What the numbers Mean:

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Average Stats Per Story Panel

Average Stats For An Entire Story

Stats For Our Most Successful Story So Far

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